05 March 2009

Where has the tasty bread gone in Tbilisi ?

Georgia, a short time ago still famous for the tasty bread, must be in a deep crisis. The good bread is gone ! There was still good bread all over Tbilisi 4-5 years ago, but now very rarely to find. There is no bread to eat anymore in Old Town, what is not sticky, tasteless, ugly and worthless. I started to complain in the small shops nearby, to change bread deliverers, without any success so far. 

That is indeed a crisis, when taste, quality and performance of bread is loosing so fast in a land with thousands of years in bakery tradition.

I think of importing my bread from other regions of Georgia, allthough there bread seems to be also an endangered species.  One of the best breads you can get is made in the village Kvemo Alvani, not far from Alaverdi Church in Northern Kakheti. See image above. That bread is still tasty after 3-4 days, but of course the best, when still warm ;-)

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Anonymous said...

it's all about good flour. I'm still sure that good bread will never cease to exist in Georgia