12 May 2005

A brain teaser for Caucasus freaks

Where is this photo taken ?
What does the image mean ?


Younghusband said...

Ummm... Armenia? What does the image mean?

Hans said...

Armenia is right, but if you combine the elements and if you know a little bit about Armenia, then you get the place in Armenia very close.
The image is an ad at a street.

Katy said...

ghinkali in Armenian... lobster, wolf, beer... hmmm. I'm not sure!

Onnik Krikorian said...

So it's in Armenia. I don't know. Because I only see khinkali being sold in low-end cafes and restaurants outsid of Yerevan (in the capital I've only seen it in touristy restaurants) in Lori, I'm guessing Vanadzor although it could be on the border in Bagratashen (Tavoush region). Don't understand the symbolism, however.