05 May 2005

Lagodekhi and a nice horse

Lagodekhi is at the outmost South-East of Georgia, 5 km close to the Aserbajanian Border, and a part of the Georgian Region Kakheti. I am quite often there because of relatives living in Ninigori, a village close to Lagodekhi. 200 years ago Kakheti had because of several Persian invations almost no inhabitants anymore. So most people in this region are settled from other Georgian parts. Next to true Kakhetians, like Georgians from Telavi or Gurdjani,there are Georgians from Imereti, Georgians from Javakheti, Russians, Ossetians, Lezgians, Azeri. There lived Jews here too, but they emigrated mainly to Israel. In the village of Alvani living Tushs from Tusheti. On the Northern slopes of Kakheti in the very beautiful Pankisi Valley living the Kists, wich are very close relatives to the Chechens. All people live quite peaceful together and respecting each other.

This Image is taken near the Ninoskhevi creek, the mountains in the background belong to the Lagodekhi National Park.

At the Village Kabali, where are living mainly Azeris, I met a local with a horse, wich had a truly shape of a good runner.

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