30 August 2005

Ferry from Sochi, Russia to Poti and Batumi Georgia

Image slightly changed from Wikipedia

This is the Website of the Port Sochi with timetable:


The ferry to Batumi via Poti goes all year around. Twice a week, but not always on the same weekdays.
Call some days in advance to Sochi:

007 8622 609603

Today they told me a price of approx. USD 60.00

By the way, I am reading a great book on the History of the Black Sea by Charles King:
The Black Sea A History

Here is a link to Amazon


Hans said...

There is a ferry connection from Varna,Bulgaria via Ilchevsk,Ukraine to Poti, Georgia

Details here:

Niklas B said...

The ferry from Sochi to Trabzon travels usually 3 times a week, usually on these 4 days: Sun, Mon, Thu, Fri. Departs in the evening, arrives the following morning around 8-9am. Cabin costs 50 usd, a motorcycle 140 usd. I just spoke with them on the phone (morport-sochi.ru). Very good service and good English.

Hans said...

Hello Niklas, thank you very much for that useful information ! Best regards, Hans