09 August 2005

Lado Burduli opens the coolest Party place

East of Berlin on 30th of September in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is a Dancefloor and Live Act Party Place for 1500 to 3000 guests in a former bunker-shelter of Stalin and Soviet times. It gets fully renovated now and its name will be "The Tunnel", under the Mountain wich divides Old Tbilisi from the Botanical Garden. There will be a "secret" Testparty too, probably on 16th of September. Lados biggest wish is to meet once Rammstein at "The Tunnel", although he confesses to have probably not sufficent money to pay those Superstars from Berlin. But maybe, somehow, one day ? If you didn't know by now, you do not need a Visa for Georgia anymore, so Partygangsters from Europe and the Rest of the World are kindly invited to unnormal neverending parties in Tbilisi. Even Till, if his knee got better. Contact Lado Burduli for details here


. said...


A while back I was reading up on the history of the Berlin Cabaret scene during the rise of Hitler, and since you are from Berlin, I wanted to ask you what traces of the Berlin Cabaret scene remain, if any?

Do any of the Cabaret traditions continue on today? Are there actual Cabaret clubs there anymore?

"The Tunnel" sounds wired, I would love to see it if I ever get over there someday.

Hans said...

Yes, in Berlin always remained or continued sort of Cabaret scene in many different ways. There are lots of small and independent theatres, there are Clubs (more dance) as the Oxymoron, there are still Dance Houses (Tanzhaus) where very oldfashioned every table has a number and a phone and you with your friend give the ladies on Table 74 a call, if they like you, then you dance and so on. There are Clubs like the Hafenbar, There are Opperetta - Theatres like Metropoltheater, there are conferenciers and Kabaretts, one-man-acts, there is the Prater. For a lot of youngsters and folks the 20s,30s and 40s are very fashionable, but of course its always sort of postmodern remake.
Hafenbar and Wintergarten.
But if you look for some cultural holidays, you should definitly considre Berlin, like in October, November, December, when its cold and rainy. Did you see any of Rainer Werner Fassbinders movies ?

My friend Guy Richard Smit from New York does something in that tradition "The Jonathan Grossmalerman Standup Comedy Series" too, see the links here:

Best regards,

Hans said...

Here are the links again:

. said...

I have wanted to do a cultural study on the Berlin Cabaret for quite some time and the information you gave me will help alot.

I don't think I have ever seen any of the Rainer Werner Fassbinders movies. I did see Cabaret, the 1972 film with Liza Minellie, and that started me into this study.

Thanks again for the information.