02 March 2006

Investing in Georgia

Today takes place the Forum Invest in Georgia at the Hilton New York Hotel, wich will attract new american investments in Georgias oil and gas sector, transportation, agribusiness, wine industry, in the financial sector and in tourism infrastructure. More information on http://www.investingeorgia.org/en/

This website of the Georgian National Investment and Export Promoting Agency counts 10 important reasons in a nice flash animation on its frontpage, why investments in Georgias Economy have a very good perspective:

1. A strategic location bridging Europe and Asia
2. European Union neighboring country
3. Access to CIS Markets
4. Democratic and liberal policy
5. Competitive Export regime
6. Liberal and simplified Tax code
7. Qualified,motivated and cheap workforce
8. Very attractive operating and living costs
9. High potential of agricultural sector
10. Logistical, transport and communications infrastructure

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