08 March 2006

What do you think Tbilisi needs ?

The progress in Georgia these days is very fast, but for certain things I am waiting for years. Postmodern and historic Tbilisi misses some nice features of a metropolitan city. So here is the beginning of a small wishlist. Your wishes are kindly appreciated in the comments.

- More Supermarkets: Ok, there is one big Goodwill Supermarket, very good, where are the others ? In other areas of Tbilisi, other companies ? A Lidl or Aldi would be also nice here.

- Spare parts: To order common spare parts for your car is sometimes a very expensive and long enduring experience. Why is there no wider spare parts logistics for the Caucasus, including Azerbaidshan and Armenia ?

- Metro: Tourists are still waiting for a translation of Metro Stations signs into f.e. English.

- Free Wifi in entire Tbilisi would be cool, maybe we need to ask Google ?

- DIY-Stores, in Berlin are as many as in Tbilisi Gas Stations

- IKEA, or bigger stores with a varity of furniture

- Some professional Art Galleries/Dealers to promote Georgian artists inside and outside the country

Ok, I'll leave some wishes for you too ;-)

1 comment:

irakli said...

You can buy laminated English-Georgian TBILISI METRO GUIDE for travellers for $1 at 18 Rustaveli Avenue at Java Cyber Cafe (Wireless WIFI Internet Cafe).
Ask for Irakli.
You can get online for $1 an hour with your laptop or you can lease laptop station for $1.50 an hour.
There is also an International phone and you can call to Western Europe, USA, etc for 20 tetri (little over 10 cents) a minute. Prety decent, huh!