13 March 2006

Slogans for the Caucasus

Lake Sevan, Armenia

"You Like Armenia. Armenia Likes You."

Lets have some fun creating good slogans for the Caucasus: We all know that the Caucasus and its states need a good marketing. We want to build a valuable and positive image for all the Caucasus countries, still too often considered as "dangerous"and "wild" and "lawless". Two years ago I invented for own purposes "Georgien- der Balkon Europas"- "Georgia- the balcony of Europe" and I know, that branding is a quite difficult and complex issue, but lets just start here to figure out some good slogans, you may use on your website or next newsletter or play with the tool yourself.

Life Should Taste As Good As Caucasus.

Goodbuzzin' Cooltalkin' Highwalkin' Fastlivin' Evergivin' Coolfizzin' Baku.

Mum's Gone to Caucasus.

You're in good hands in Georgia.

Georgia Saves Your Soul.

Vorsprung durch Tbilissi.

Get Fun. Get Tbilisi.

There's Always a Room For You in Tbilisi.

See the Face You Love Light Up With Tbilisi.

If You make it in Tbilisi, You can make it everywhere.

It's Just For Me And My Tbilisi.

Honeymoon in Tbilisi.

All You Need is the Caucasus and a Dream.

Thanks to the Advertizing Slogan Generator

If you have some great slogans, post in the comments.


Carpetblogger said...

Azerbaijan: The Oasis Between Iran and Chechnya

Azerbaijan: Mildly Interesting

Hans said...

Was this by slogan generator or by yourself ?