14 November 2006

More observations on Georgian youth or what is a blog ? Let's take PICZO

Trying to establish a blog for an 8th class in Tbilisi is not that easy, as the common answer is "What is that, a blog ?" As I describe, ah, yes, better then lets take Piczo..."
I never heard of that piczo, first I thought, that must be a small Georgian web ring or something like that. So I jumped to piczo and started to play and fast figured out, that this free mash-up of photos, text, blinking animations, videos et cetera must be much more appalling for the kids than the dry features you have in Blogger or even Blogger in Beta. Back to the kids, who are 13-14 years old, I found it stunning, what they do in their free time and what profession they will later choose, if they know so far. Here are some short answers:

B plays very good soccer, Tennis and Volleyball, has no Email-Address but is often in the Internet (Soccer clubs) and wants to study German at the Goethe Institute

D wants to study Linux and Excel, become an Engineer. He has E-mail and is 2 or 3 times a week in the web and for chat and visits www.babajana.com and www.boom.ge

G wants also to study Linux, plays Tennis and Computer games, especially likes to destroy cars in these games

N uses piczo, Email and skype. She wants to become a Diplomat, is 4-6 hours daily in the Internet, chats with lots of friends, won the 1st prize in a Tennis cup in Egypt, and goes in the winter for a 1-month-visit to the US

A is danceress at the famous Sukhishvilebi-Group, wants to become a Diplomat, uses also Google and is also a good Swimmer. She is every day in the Internet.

L loves Yahoo, soccer, Google, chat and Snowboard. He is also a good dancer.

N collects LEGO, uses the Internet for new products of Lego, wants to study Finances at the Caucasus Business School in Tbilisi. Besides he loves to make small sculptures of Soldiers from Modeling clay and reads lots of books on the Roman Empire.

K wants to study Fine Arts/Painting, uses the Internet for search on her famous Rock groups and uses piczo by updating her own site every day. She swims very good.

Piczo must make tons of money by the Google Adsense Programme, as those ads are at the top of every site. I liked to arrange stuff on piczo and think it could be a great tool for "serious" themes too, if you never had a website, but wanted one, try it and have fun. Here you get a glimpse: http://khevsureti.piczo.com

This is a impression of the Sukhishvilibis, where A. dances


Lindsay said...

Very interesting to hear about the Georgian youth. It seems like they all have a good idea of what they want to do in life, and I wish them the best of luck!

Rapho said...

Hi Heiner, there a link on my blog with more dance-videos: http://georgien.blogspot.com/2006/09/videos-georgian-legend-georgian-dance.html

Hans said...

Hi Ralph, Danke !

Hans said...

Thank you Lindsay, right, I had no idea at all, what I wanted to do, when I was 14...