11 November 2006

who-where-with-whome ?

who-where-with-whome, originally uploaded by grijsz.

One of the secret highlights of Tbilisi. I never met a foreigner, who was not making some great comments on this weird building, the former Ministry of Transportation, now the Department of Roads, where are made a lot of key decisions for the development of the infrastructure of Georgia these days. By 2009 we go in 3,5 hours straight to the Beach of Batumi by speed 150 ! (If allowed ;-))


Writer'n said...

Heh. This building was the one that really got me by surprice when first in Tbilisi. All the churches and cathedrals were immediately forgotten when I spotted this one. It is really great!

Hans said...

Actually, because it's so wicked to find certain offices inside in the different levels it got a long time ago it's Nick name "Who has where sex with whom ?"
But I found it a nice example for trying something safe of earth quakes.