15 December 2006

A glimpse of difficulties learning Georgian

everybody knows such beautiful but simple words like "Khatchapuri" aka Cheesebread.
But do you know this nice verb "ბრდგვნა" ? It means "destroy", "slash", "frazzle".

Now try to speak: "b-r-d-g-v-n-a" or the form "we destroy" with 7 consonants before the vowel "v-b-r-d-g-w-n-i-t"

Nice word ! "ვბრდგვნით"

To type Georgian letters this is a very useful tool: The Translit Online Converter


Linguist-in-Waiting said...

I wouldn't be surprised. Caucasian languages are known for having plenty of consonants. Abkhaz for example has 58 consonants and yet only two vowel sounds.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I just taught a "Languages of the World" course this semester.


Writer'n said...

Did it work?


Hans said...

Yes, but you need a glas of wine in your hand to say that... ;-)