11 December 2006


I met Levan, the smart Blogger from We Georgians at http://taktaka.blogspot.com and had a couple of delicious fresh brewed beer with him at Kaiser Bräu Tbilisi

Levan and his friend Lego are young aspiring lawyers. Both spent part of their studies abroad in Germany, but decided to return to Georgia, as it seems easier here to start a professional career now.

There I met Avto Sharvashidze a former pupil of mine in Rustavi's 17th school some long 10 years ago, who is very successful at the Design company pixel.ge

Florian Mühlfried on a day-stop in Tbilisi on his ethnological studies in Tusheti and Shiraki gave me the hottest news from the Tushetian shepherders and we had long discussions about the most practical footware in the mountains (Meindl Trekking Boots versus 5-Lari Rubber Galoschi with wool stockings) (Galoschi won:) plans to introduce to the mounteneers at New Year Eve the famous hot strong drink GROG. We think they will like it at cold winter days as a old rule is:

„Rum muss sein,
Zucker kann sein,

Wasser kann sein, muss aber nicht.“ Wikipedia.de

Something like:

Rum has to be,
Sugar may needed,
Water may needed, but not necessarily.

Rapho posted on his georgien.blogspot.com a nice Khevsurian Folksong performed by Dato. Thanks to Avidil and Geostar


Rapho said...

I don't wonder me that you joined Florian. I know him from Hamburg. Unfortunatly that I've been here in the city of hereos (Leipzig:). I've heard that Florian not to found in Tusheti for the Germans here. He would like only speak Georgian ;-).

Here is a link to Florian:
* http://georgien.blogspot.com/2006/07/florian-mhlfried-postsowjetische.html

* http://georgien.blogspot.com/2005/10/closed-society-and-open-society.html

And in the next year I would like to drink with Levan and you in this Beer-House ;-)

Best Regards to Levan, Florian and Heiner, Rapho

Writer'n said...

Hope to meet some of you in the summer 2007. I am coming in late june/early july staying one month.

Levan said...

Hi Ralph und Hans!

It was very nice evening! we had plenty of beer and interesting conversation. I know Florian since his first visits to Georgia, when he was writing his promotion about Georgian supra. He knows Georgian toasts better then many Georgian tamadas (at least scientifically) :)
Now I have met another German who is also not bad in drinking, speaking Georgian, and doing some other much more interesting stuff!!! Gagimarjos Hans! i hope we will meet ab und zu and maybe even cooperate in Internet business!
Ralph hope to see you soon in Tbilisi!

viele Grüße,


Hans said...

Hi Rapho, Eistein, Levan,

yes we'll organize some nice Blogger party here for us next summer, with Zwadi, Caipirinha etc ;-)