20 November 2005

Kakutsa Cholokashvili

1888-1930 National Hero of Georgia
Read about Kakutsa at Wikipedia here


Anonymous said...

Für deutsche Leser empfehle ich den Artikel über Kakutsa Tscholokaschwili auf der deutschen Wikipedia: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kakutsa_Tscholokaschwili

Rapho said...

The Messenger, Tuesday, November 22, 2005, #221 (0993)

On Monday the Georgian national hero Kakutsa Cholokashvili is being reburied in the Tbilisi Pantheon. What does this event mean to you and what do you think of Kakutsa Cholokashvili?

"He was a real hero and deserved to be buried in his homeland. He was one of those who actively fought for Georgia's independence and I am very glad that I could attend the ceremony."
Mzia Imnadze, accountant, 46

"He was a hero who fought until the end. I am really appreciative for our government for organizing such an impressive event."
Nato Chalidze, housewife, 60

"It is very difficult to express in words what the event meant for me personally as well as for the whole Georgia…I am sure every Georgian felt the same way as I felt and I felt proud of being born in Georgia, the country of so many heroes."
Tiko Sikharulidze, the future doctor, 25

"I do not know much about him and his life, but judging from his last words Kakutsa was a true patriot, a person indeed devoted to his country. I think it is a great honor for Georgia to have such a person buried on its soil."
Nana Mamukelashvili, teacher, 39

"I have read much about Kakutsa's life and know lots of things about his devotion and love to our country. I can say that he did deserve the grand wake and funeral that Georgian people arranged for him."
Jimsher Tsikhishvili, artist, 66

"It is out of the question that he was a hero. I do appreciate the person who used to love his motherland to such as Kakutsa did. I respect what our government has done for him and think that it was one of the few right steps taken by them."
Nino Tsereteli, unemployed, 33

"A great job has been done. I think that Georgians still respect their national heroes "
Raul Xarchilava, unemployed, 62

"It should be stressed that this was a great matter for Georgia and that they should have done it earlier. But frankly it was a bit too much."
Nunu Kvachadze , pharmaceutics, 52