03 November 2005

National costumes of Caucasian People by Max Karl Tilke

Max Tilke made in 1912-1913 around 83 unique watercolours of the traditional costumes of various people from the Caucasus Region, held today by the Simon Janashia Museum in Tbilisi. The magnificent works are showing Armenians, Georgians, Daghestanis, Udi, Greeks, Kurds, Jews, Tatars (Azeris), Turkmens, Noghais, Turks, Karapapakhs and Persians. The exhibition of these watercolors takes place at Caravan-sarai, Tbilisi History Museum, 8 Sioni Street till 30th of November 2005. A brilliant Catalogue was published by Diogene Publishers LTD, ISBN 99940-16-95-4

Georgians- An armed Khevsur Man

Georgians- Khevsur Woman

A Jewish woman from Kuba (Azerbaijan)

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