15 November 2005

You do not need a Visa to Georgia, if you are from the following states:

1. All European Union Member States
2. Republic of Armenia
3. Republic of Azerbaijan
4. Republic of Belarus
5. Republic of Bulgaria***
6. Canada
7. Peoples Republic of China*
8. Arab Republic of Egypt**
9. Islamic republic of Iran*
10. Israel
11. Japan
12. Republic of Kazakhstan
13. Kyrgyz Republic
14. Republic of Moldova
16. Switzerland
17. Republic of Tajikistan
18. Republic of Turkey**
19. Turkmenistan*
20. Ukraine
21. United States of America
22. Republic of Uzbekistan

* holders of diplomatic and official passports only; ** holders of diplomatic, official
and special passports only; *** holders of diplomatic passports only.

Up to 3 month.

Source: Website Botschaft Georgiens in Deutschland


CreditDoc said...

OK… But who needs to go there? I don’t care about this country.
By the way, there are to dangerous…

Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog. An ETA is equivalent to a visa, but there is no stamp or label in your passport and there is no need for you to visit an egphtian diplomatic office to submit an application. Egypt visa. Let me know !!!!!!!!!