04 April 2006

Georgia Today from Tbilisi on Wildlife in danger


One of my favourite weekly newspapers is the colorfull Georgia Today, wich can be ordered in Georgia as well as in the U.S. and wich is available completely online too.

In this weeks issue is an alarming article on the state of the endangered Georgian Fauna and its catastrophical year of 2005 by Nina Akhmeteli. One main issue is the difficult situation of the Brown bear in Georgia, the hunt for bears gall bladders, the trade of bear cubs and the unsufficient awareness of poaching in the Georgian society in general.

I can hardly understand, why cruelty to animals, the keeping of wild animals in an unnatural environment like Gas Stations and Restaurants is not be punished yet by the authorities? Even near the entrances to the Nationalpark Borjomi-Kharagauli, where big amounts of money and activity for the protection of wildlife is invested every year, I saw last summer a bear imprisoned in a cache without water under bad circumstances. Imagine what tourists from abroad think and say, when they come to see protected wildlife areas and then that? Restaurants think that the wolf or bear in the cache attracts customers, but foreigners it surely drives away and ranting.

What about the brilliant wild waters, where it's hard nowadays to catch any trout ? Where can I get a fishing license, if I want to buy one ? Why not limit the number of fishs I am allowed to take home ? Aren't 5 or 6 enough instead of 25-30 a day ? Why not implement little exams for hunters and for every holder of a hunting weapon ?

NACRES does a big job and WWF Georgia and many individuals. But to improve the hardship of wild animals in Georgia it needs more awareness and support in any ways from anybody. Read the article by Mrs. Akhmeteli at Georgia Today here:

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