27 April 2006

Greetings from a rainy spring in Lagodekhi



I get often asked what people should take with their luggage for trekking tours in the mountains.

Here is a beginning of a recommended list, please add to the comments, if there is anything else, what you think could be useful in Khevsureti, Tusheti, Svaneti.

Normal practical mountain wear, like

Comfortable boots,
warm sweaters,
sleeping bag,
head flashlights,
pocket knives,
personal medicine if needed,
warm underwear,
protection against rain,
good socks,
hats or warm caps,
Jogging trousers are often more comfortable than jeans.
If shoes get wet, its good to have some light sport shoes to change.
But still remember to limit the baggage in the whole.

Maybe one could take some notebooks (no laptops !!) for personal notes or sketches, maybe a
book for some reading.

Sometimes its good to have an own fork, spoon, knife and a cup for personal use.

Do not forget some handy small local souveniers from your home country.
Mountainiers for month away of their families and homes in the lowlands are always keen on some news and backgrounds of guests.

Consider to buy even 1 or 2 actual Georgian newspapers.

For abroader places with a functioning electricity I sometimes took used or new video tapes of action films or other genres as a gift.

Often you will be hosted by families with children.

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