11 April 2006

Khevsureti via Google Earth

A bigger image here Image by Google Earth

Google Earth is a really exiting adventure, I spent the whole sunday with it...
Ok, the resolution is not yet that deep as for Germany, but still one can zoom fairly into ones favourite places of Georgia. It seems, that I am one of the first to leave notes on that virgin mountains, exept some guys paving Tbilisi with all the branches of some banks, and of course somebody marking the stadium of Dynamo Tbilisi ;-)

I tried to locate some villages in Khevsureti (and also Tusheti). I am not sure about the right places of Dshuta (Juta) and of Shatili, because the landmarks (rivers) repeat close on other places. Maybe both are set a bit too far north. Buildings itself can not yet been detected/seen quite good with that resolution, but for Shatili one might almost sense. I am quite sure about Roshka and Arkhoty.

This summer I could take a GPS device there and feed the data into Google Earth, then it should be the more likely locations.

Google Earth is free. You can download it here. It takes a short while to become familiar with all the buttons of the interface. But then, it's fun !

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