11 December 2007

Anchiskhati Basilica At Night

Anchiskhati is one of the oldest, triple-nave basilica in Tbilisi, built in VI century. It's old name is unknown. "Anchiskhati" was called in 17th century, when the icon of christ was brought here from Anchi monastery (in the south of georgia, now northeast Turkey). The icon is currently preserved in the Georgian National Museum of Fine Arts. Anchiskhati Basilica was damaged and rebuilt several times.

Anchiskhati Basilica
Anchiskhati Choir


View from Sanapiro, Mtkvari (Kura) river right-bank

View from main entrance stairs


Hans said...

Hello Nutsa, thanks for your posts. Anchskhati is one of my favorite churches in Tbilisi ! Best regards, Hans

Nutsa said...

Hello Hans,it's my favourite one as well.Thank you!