17 December 2007

New Art Clubs in Tbilisi

Patricia London ante Paris from Munich, (a former student of Daniel Spoerri) had a nice opening tonight with drawings of white pencil on black paper in the Cumbo Club Tbilisi of Vato Tsereteli, where we had also our first ever Jever Beer in Georgia, and quite cheap. I am sure you'll like this place, more info here

See the full size view

Rusiko Oat
, one of the former founders of the New Art Gallery opened the New Art Gallery Cafe in a nice wide basement on Orbeliani Street 31 (near the Flower Market at Kolchos Square), on display different cool artists from Tbilisi mostly with drawings and graphic, like Konstantin Sulaberidze, Micha Shengelia and others

Rusiko Oat is from Welsh origin, like other Georgian lines are from Scotland with the names Mari and Oakley. She told me, that her welsh Great-Grandfather fought for Tsarist Russia, later after 1917 on the side of the White Army and was married to a daughter of the Georgian General Aperashvili. Sometimes in 1921 near Ural he succeeded to send his wife and children back to Tbilisi, but was catched and killed by Red Army Forces.

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