31 December 2007

To all my Readers: A wonderful 2008

Photo: Trix Zürcher, Switzerland


Lela said...

Happy new year Hans!
beautiful place and good situation:)

Ralph H. said...

heiner - auch von mir alles Gute für Dich, Deine Familie und Deine Freunde alles Gute für das Neue Jahr! Bis bald! Ralph.

Ralph H. said...

And I wish also Nutsa all the best for the coming NEW YEAR 2008! Next time I would like to visit again the singing group in Tbilisi ... best regards - love, luck and happiness for the singings girls - Ralph from Germany.

Writer'n said...

Happy New year, Hans..and Rapho..and Nutsa.
Great picture!

Nutsa said...

Happy New Year Hans, Ralph and Writer'n. Wish you everything best in 2008.
Ralph, thanks..We all will be glad to see you next to us again..Hope to see you soon in Tbilisi.
Best regards