14 December 2007

Coming to the Caucasus by land route not by plane

as my friend Alex
had a terrible time waiting for a flight connecting home, he figured out a great way to avoid the plane and go on the ground from England to Tbilisi, Georgia:

"Fed up with spending hours and hours hanging around in Riga International Airport, waiting for a transit Air Zena flight? Disgusted by the extortionate prices for direct flights to Georgia levied by British Airlines, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines?* Well, if you are insane enough to try, here is how to get to Tbilisi from London without leaving the ground (and contributing to the plague of international air travel):

Day 1
Proceed to St Pancras International, and catch an early Eurostar train to Brussels (300+ km). From Brussels, catch the 14:20 Thalys to Cologne (200+), arriving at 17:45. Spend a few hours in Cologne, then buy a picnic, and board the sleeper to Vienna (900+), which leaves at 20:00.

Day 2
Having arrived in Vienna, one must take a short train to Budapest (200+), which arrives at 13:00. After spending the afternoon in Budapest, one must board the sleeper to Bucharest (600+), which leaves at 17:45.

read the further steps on Alex' http://transcaucasian.blogspot.com/

You travel, you see, you arrive. Would be cool to do this way on horseback too...

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