28 April 2005

Buzkashi and Horse races

Some Photos from Buzkashi/Kupkari

As Georgians have not been nomads and Georgia itself is pretty small and does not have wide and open spaces like the Central asian countries there is no traditional sport like my favorite Kupkari or Buzkashi. Georgians instead have the local tradition of horse races over quite long distances of 10 to 15 and more km in difficult mountainous conditions. I will photograph Georgian horse races in the summer in Tusheti and Khevsureti.
A made some photos of Kupkari/Buzkashi (scroll down) instead in Uzbekistan and wrote an Essay about it in German wich can be read here: http://www.heinerbuhr.de/buzkashi.htm


Tim said...

I don't know if you realize this, but the jockeys on this picture are wearing tank helmets! Why ? Do they expect to run some kind of a race where they get change the horse to some kind of a motorized infantry vehicle at some point ? Puzzling.

Hans said...

Yes, indeed. While fighting for the carcass they beat each other up with fists and whips, smaller injuries are normal and the tank helmets seem to be a perfect protection.