26 April 2005

Georgians at Buffalo Bill Codys Wild West Show

Gurians rode for 1$ a day

Georgian Trick Riders had an important role as so called "Cossacks" at the Wild West Show of Buffalo Bill Cody. The Show toured throughout the US and Europe over 30 years from 1883 onward. In the middle of the 1880s the show gave a revenue of 100.000 $ a year. What has been forgotten almost, was that the so called "Cossacks" had been native Georgians from the West Georgian Region Guria. Thanks to Mr. Irakli Makharadze and Mr. Akaki Chkhaidze historic facts and historic photos of these events had been rediscovered. Makharadze and Chkhaidze published a book about the Gurians and there involvement of the show. A lot of photos and details are at their website: http://www.georgians.ge

Photo with kind permission of Irakli Makharadze

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